It’s hard to find a race Ross didn’t finish in the top two… unless you count the race where he was blatantly crashed into – on the parade lap.  Never mind he came back to finish seconds behind the winner and in second place there too.  He has throttled victories for four different drivers – Harlan Daar, John Lee, Keith Herbot, and finally in a Reindl 28 Vamp with Dan Murphy for the World Championship in huge water in Destin, FL.

When not racing, Ross may be found enjoying the high speeds of one of his many exotic cars, or flying his plane between Miami and Las Vegas playing poker.  Ross has amassed over 35,000 in live tournament winnings, most notably on TV in May 2005, when Ross, a Florida real-estate developer, and then girlfriend Vanessa Rousso, were eliminated in 7th and 8th place in the New Orleans Harrah’s Poker Challenge WSOP Circuit event on the same hand.  Ross’s outgoing personality and ability to throttle for just about any driver make him a favorite at the Reindl Powerboats Corporate Racing Events.